Powerful Self Help For Anxiety - Using Self Help Groups

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Self  help therapy groups are now starting to become very popular with therapists and other mental health professionals because it allows many people with similar problems to hear each other talk about how they cope. This can be very helpful for those who think they are the only one's suffering from anxiety. Chances are everyone int he group feels close to the same way about their anxiety and by listening to others they realize it.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Being in a supportive group with others can help you overcome your anxiety faster because you have many people interested in what you have to say. They have a high threshold for empathy because they are basically in the same situation as you. The doctor directs the conversations and makes sure they lead to constructive work to help everyone.

The Negative Aspects of Group Therapy

Unfortunately, group therapy has it's down sides. Some shy people won't speak their minds no matter what because it scares them. Social environments force some people to become overpowering and dominate the group with their own thoughts. The doctor can help, but his interaction should stay limited. In addition, many argue that the negative thoughts of the patients tend to increase the overall negativity of the group. By bringing all people with the same problem together, everyone sees only people with unhealthy anxiety disorders.

What you  Should Do

If you have anxiety and you plan on joining a self help anxiety group you should consider all the remifications carefully. Don't just join and stay passive. Bring a pad and paper and take notes, make sure you understand that you are their for support and need to say your part. Try to encourage others around you to speak if they are not willing. Everyone's perspective is important, but most importantly make sure you realize that you are there only to rid your own anxiety.

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Powerful Self Help For Anxiety - Using Self Help Groups

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This article was published on 2010/04/02