Re-Energize the Company With Relevant Team Building Events

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There are several essential facts about Dallas team building events that every business officer, supervisor and leader must realize before starting any organization development initiative. Fail to observe these essentials and you are inviting trouble and an assortment of problems once your Dallas corporate events are underway. It is imperative that you evaluate and consider all these facts about organization development and group dynamics so that you will have a hassle-free and trouble-free business activity.

What are these facts and how do these essentials affect the conduct and success of the organizational development activities? You may be surprised at the simplicity of these major principles. This article shall discuss the critical issues about group dynamics and organization development and why these issues are so are important in developing a strong and cohesive business working group.

This is what is most critical. The facilitator of the business activity must be able to reduce his or her assessment of the business group down to its individual members. Individuals have the general tendency to keep personal issues and information from their peers. In fact, even within the family, the level of intimacy is not absolutely personal as there are instances where a member of the family tends to be selective of the information and sentiments he or she is willing to share with the other members of the family. This attitude is even more pronounced when it comes to the workplace. Most of us are inclined to be more reserved with colleagues. In fact, we even exert extra effort so that we are able to maintain the barriers between us and our colleagues.

As far as we are concerned, the relationship that exists between us and our colleagues are strictly on the "professional" level. We abhor any attempts by others to pry on our personal lives and in the same token; we choose not to involve ourselves with anything we perceive as personal. This is the main reason why most of us don't feel any strong attachment with anyone in the organization and that the bond that ties all of you as one is purely motivated by your appreciation of your responsibility and role in the organization. This means, that a supervisor will be oriented to have ascendancy over his or her staff. The staff, on the other hand, has to tendency to become subservient to their supervisor.

In conducting the relevant group dynamics and organizational development activities, the group shall be able to dismantle this invisible barrier and develop a better perspective of each of the member of the organization. You will no longer see Philip as the guy who is always late in submitting weekly reports. You will now see Philip from a different perspective and hopefully appreciate and understand the person better.

This process, once properly implemented, shall foster trust and faith among each of the members of the group. The individual will also develop a more positive attitude not only towards his or her peers but also towards the organization as a whole. Once all of these issues are clarified, each member will better appreciate the other members of the group and will also gain the trust of his or her colleague. The group dynamics shall help achieve two critical variables of a full functioning working group - trust and respect among the members.

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Re-Energize the Company With Relevant Team Building Events

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This article was published on 2010/03/26