Three Team Building Games For The Youth

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Playing enjoyable team building games is one of the most effective ways to mix with the group and get to know the members of the group better. Such activities are cherished by all, irrespective of age and status. However, group activities mostly involve the youth and the relatively younger generation. Furthermore, with the buzzing energy, youth tend to be adventurous and they are the ones who often show keen interests on such gatherings. Here a list of some of the most popular activities for the youth.

Twisted Circle- This is  an enjoyable team building game that requires presence of mind and agility.. In this game, the members of the group need to stand in a ring. The leader will stand in middle with a collection of chits containing instructions on how the group needs to stand. A music tone will be played and the members need to move in a ring in an anti clockwise manner. As soon as the music stops, the leader will read out the instructions that the members need to execute.

A few seconds will be given to execute the instructions and stand in a manner as par the instructions of the leader. As the time elapses, the person who will not be able to stand in a desired manner will be eliminated. The same process continues and the group shrinks. The last pair to survive emerges as the winners.

Filling a bottle- This activity need a quick pair of hands to win.  Divide the group into two sub groups. Each group will be given a bucket full of water and an empty bottle. As the timer starts, the member needs to fill the bottle using their hands. The group that manages to get the job done faster is the winners,

Tracking A Tree- This team building game is best suited to be played in a place having lots of trees. Here the group is divided into pairs. Now, one member from each group is blindfolded and the partner leads the blindfolded player to a tree. Some hints are provided to the blindfolded player to help identify the tree. The player can touch the trees surface if necessary. After the inspection is done, the player returns to the starting position. The covering over the eye is removed and the player needs to go back and track the tree. Whoever does it first wins.

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Three Team Building Games For The Youth

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Three Team Building Games For The Youth

This article was published on 2011/05/26