WOW Priest Leveling & Quest Guide

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For those of you that are experianced world of warcraft players, you understand just how valuable a priest is to a group. While other classes have some healing abilities, the Priest is pretty much the king of all healers. Being a priest means that you will be staying clear of the fighting and focusing your efforts on keeping your group in top health to fight foes and defend you and other long range characters in your group.

WOW Priest Leveling & Quest Guide 

If your just starting out in world of warcraft a Priest may seem a little boring at first, but as you learn the vital role of a Priest it becomes a challenging and multi faceted character that is never a bore to play. If your going to play a priest you should mostly play in a group. When a priest gets up to the higher levels they are very capable at soloing but early on it's best to play with a group. This may make the priest seem like it's not all that fun to play but this is not the case, the priest has plenty of cool offensive and defensive spells to use. One last thing before we move on, if your into playing PVP be aware that the priest is a hot target in PVP, you will want to be extra careful. Now you can see just how cool the priest is. Once you get the feel of playing a priest in a group you will find it to be much more than just a healer.

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In the original World of Warcraft your priest race selection was limited to draenei,dwarf,human or night elf for Alliance and blood elf, troll or undead for Horde.

We can now play a priest with four additional races (gnomes,taurens,goblins and worgens) thanks to the Cataclysm expansion.

Lets get your wow priest leveling up through the early levels.

In the beginning the Lesser Heal spell will serve you well even though it does'nt sound like much, use it and the range spell Smite along with your first buff (Power Word Fortitude) and you will hold up reasonably well. You should have Fortitude active as of now as it will be of help to all around you. Even though the priest is the premier healer in world of warcraft does not mean that they don't have to keep a close eye on their own health and especially their mana,your group is relying on you to keep them healed and if you die so may they. Most of your group should be in front of you and while part of your is to keep them healed they are also supposed to defend you. Find cover as far away from the hand to hand combat as you can, a priest has little chance of doing well fighting hand to hand.

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Continue leveling to level 4 when you will be able to use Shadow Word Pain, a good enemy debuff to make things easier. This should be your primary spell for a while but you may want to go back to Fortitude occasionally. Restart Shadow Word Pain when you need to as it will wear off after a while, in the mean time keep using Smite for some mob control.

At level 6 Power Word Shield will become available to you, use this when preparing to go into battle or any time you are under attack. The priest is not able to wear armor of any kind so buff's like this are very important when going into battle. Weather or not you are playing with a group or solo when arriving at level 6 be sure to see the trainer in your area as you will get a very rewarding quest.

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Leveling to level 8 will let you use the HOT spell known as Renew and also Fade.Renew is a Heal Over Time or "HOT" spell which should be used when a fight is near, or after a battle. Fade is used to help control your enemies aggro, very useful to keep your foe's attention away from you.

At level 10 things really get fun for your WOW priest with the introduction of Mind Blast. Using Mind Blast will greatly increase your damage dealing without using up all your mana. You now have the Resurrection spell which will let you resurrect your fellow players. Once your WOW priest gets up to level 10 you will get a talent point which you can use on one of your talent tree's, you will now want to look into the different types of priests that you can be.

At level 12 you will get a very nice armor bonus buff called Inner Fire which is a great help against melee enemies and multiple attackers.

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At this point you will have a good understanding of playing your WOW priest, leveling up from here on in will take time but now you have the basic know how to do well in WOW. Most WOW players use a in-game guide to help them along, you will want to get one as the game gets harder as you get to the upper levels.

Game On!.

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WOW Priest Leveling & Quest Guide

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WOW Priest Leveling & Quest Guide

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